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ض ر ع
General Root Meaning
Dad-Ra-Ayn = to humiliate, abase, object, humble, lower one's self, humility/submissiveness. Dry, bitter, thorny herbage.
   taḍarruʿan   (1)

Say, "Who saves you from darkness[es] (of) the land and the sea, you call Him humbly and secretly, "If He saves us from this, surely we will be from the grateful ones."

Call upon your Lord humbly and privately. Indeed, He (does) not love the transgressors.

And remember your Lord in yourself humbly and (in) fear and without the loudness of [the] words, in the mornings and (in) the evenings. And (do) not be among the heedless.

   taḍarraʿū   (1)

Then why not when came to them Our punishment, they humbled themselves? But became hardened their hearts and made fair-seeming to them the Shaitaan what they used to do.

   ḍarīʿin   (1)

Not is for them food except from a bitter thorny plant,

   yataḍarraʿūna   (2)

And certainly We sent (Messengers) to nations from before you, then We seized them with adversity and hardship so that they may humble themselves.

And verily We seized them with the punishment but not they submit to their Lord and not they supplicate humbly

   yaḍḍarraʿūna   (1)

And not We sent in a city any Prophet except We seized its people with adversity and hardship, so that they may (become) humble.

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