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ب ط ن
General Root Meaning
Becoming fat,
Midriff, stomach, belly, girth, abdomen
Becoming replete, sated
A belly ache or being disordered digestively
Exulting greatly and/or excessively, behaving insolently and ungratefully
Striking or beating the belly
Disease entering (as though it penetrated through the belly)
Entering into something (e.g. a valley, affair)
Penetrating mentally or knowing something (state, news, circumstances, affair, case)
Something becoming hidden or unapparent, esoteric, concealed or covert
A lining or inner covering, inside or interior of anything, inner story
Particular or special intimate, friend or associate
Going in the middle or midst of something (e.g. meadow, garden, news)
A far extending place of whose parts are remote from the other
Bringing forth of young
Excrement or ejection of
Lower or lowest part of the foundation, low depressed land, soft parts of the land where water stagnates
Palm of the hand, sole of the foot/hoof
Armpit hollow of the arm, hollow of the throat
Apparent, visible part of the sky
Having an inordinate desire or appetite for food
One of the mansions/stations of the moon, the 2nd. Three small stars in the form of an equilateral triangle forming the belly of the Ram/Aries.
Certain vessel made of glass or earthenware (an amphora, jar, vase, and pitcher)