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ب ر ز
General Root Meaning
went/came/passed out/forth, issued, appeared, became apparent/manifest/evident, became prominent/projecting, put forth, produce/publish, uncovered, outstrip/surpass, go beyond a thing, a man characterized by pleasing/goodly aspect and by intelligence, a field or wide expanse of land without trees.
   bārizatan   (1)

And the Day We will cause (to) move the mountains and you will see the earth (as) a leveled plain and We will gather them and not We will leave behind from them anyone.

   bārizūna   (1)

(The) Day they come forth, not is hidden from Allah about them anything. For whom (is) the Dominion this Day? For Allah the One, the Irresistible.

   barazū   (2)

And they say, "(We pledge) obedience" Then when they leave [from] you, plan by night a group of them other than that which you say. But Allah records what they plan by night. So turn (away) from them and put (your) trust in Allah. and sufficient (is) Allah (as) a Trustee.

And when they went forth to (face) Jalut and his troops they said, "Our Lord! Pour on us patience and make firm our feet, and help us against the people (who are) disbelieving."

   labaraza   (1)

Then He sent down upon you from after the distress security - slumber overcoming a group of you, while a group certainly worried [them] (about) themselves thinking about Allah other than the truth - (the) thought (of) [the] ignorance. saying, "Is (there) for us from the matter any thing?" Say, "Indeed the matter all (of) it (is) for Allah." They hide in themselves what not they reveal to you, They say, "If was for us from the matter anything not we would have been killed here." Say, "If you were in your houses, surely (would have) come out those who - was decreed upon them [the] death towards their places of death. And that might test Allah what (is) in your breasts and that He may purge what (is) in your hearts. And Allah (is) All-Aware of what (is in) the breasts.

   waburrizati   (2)

And (will be) made manifest the Hellfire to the deviators.

And will be made manifest the Hellfire to (him) who sees,

   wabarazū   (1)

And they will come forth before Allah all together, then will say the weak to those who were arrogant, "Indeed we, we were your followers, so can you (be) the one who avails us from (the) punishment (of) Allah from anything?" They will say, "If had guided us Allah surely we would have guided (It is) same for us whether we show intolerance or we are patient, not (is) for us any place of escape."

(On the) Day will be changed the earth (to) other (than) the earth, and the heavens, and they will come forth before Allah, the One, the Irresistible.

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