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ب ر ج
General Root Meaning
Anything being, becoming apparent, manifest, conspicuous and/or high or elevated
A structure, tower, fortress or walls of a city, a structure or construction that has the characteristics of conspicuousness, height and strength
A woman showing or displaying finery, ornaments, form or countenance to men or strangers conspicuously
A sign of the Zodiac, mansions/stations of the moon, or the stars/constellations, gates of heaven metaphorically
Constitution of the eye which is such that the white entirely surrounds the black part and no part of the black being concealed or the clearness of the parts, or the width and largeness of the eyeball
A large and liberal disposition
A vessel or receptacle in which milk is churned or in which the butter of the milk is extracted by agitation
A garment having figures of towers/walls of a city etc