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ب ر د
General Root Meaning
make cold/chilly/cool, died, cessation of motion, become still/quiet/motionless, amazed/stupefied, became permanent/fixed/settled, became lean/emaciated/weak, slept, hail/snow, beverage that cools the heat of thirst.
   bāridun   (1)

"Strike with your foot. This (is a spring of) water to bath cool and a drink."

   bāridin   (1)

Not cool and not pleasant.

   baradin   (1)

Do not you see that Allah drives clouds then joins between them then makes them (into) a mass, then you see the rain come forth from their midst? And He sends down from (the) sky, [from] mountains within it [of] (is) hail and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. Nearly (the) flash (of) its lighting takes away the sight.

   bardan   (2)

We said, "O fire! Be cool[ness] and safe[ty] for Ibrahim."

Not they will taste therein coolness and not any drink,

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