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ب ن و
General Root Meaning
Building, framing or constructing
Kind of plank used in the construction (e.g. of ships)
Becoming large, fattened or fat (like food enlarges a man)
Rearing, bringing up, educating
Form or mode of constructing a word
Natural constitution
Of or relating to a son or daughter
Branches of a road/tree
A builder/architect
A building
Bending over a bowstring while shooting
Ribs, bones of the breast or shoulder blades and the four legs
A thief/robber, wayfarer/traveler, warrior, rich man, certain beast of prey
A skin for water or milk made of hide
Raised high (applied to a palace/pavilion)

ibn/son, abna/sons, ibnah/daughter, banat/daughters, banun/children/sons, traveler (ibn al sabil), children of Israel (banee isra-eela)