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ب ح ر
General Root Meaning
Slit, cut, divide lengthwise, split, enlarge or make wide
Embarking upon the sea or a great river (vast expanse of water)
Growing in anything (wealth, possessions, knowledge etc)
A vast expanse of water (Ocean, sea, huge river)
A fleet swift horse called because of its speed like the rolling of the waves in the sea
A generous man who is ample in his generosity
Wide tract of land, land belonging to or inhabited by people
Any town, village or city that has a running river or a body of water
Low or depressed land
A large meadow or garden
A place where water stagnates
Of, relating to, or belonging to the ocean, sea or any vast body of water
Seaman, sailor
Vehemence of heat (corresponding to the month of July, Syrian)
The moon
""Bahira"" (a camel dedicated to idols, 5:103)?