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ب د ر
General Root Meaning
become full/grown/round/large (e.g. full moon), attained maturity, hastened/strove to be first, thing/event came/happened to him speedily, a place in which wheat/grain is trodden out.
   bibadrin   (1)

And certainly helped you Allah in Badr while you (were) weak. So fear Allah so that you may (be) grateful.

   wabidāran   (1)

And test the orphans until [when] they reach[ed] (the age of) marriage, then if you perceive in them sound judgement then deliver to them their wealth. And (do) not eat it extravagantly and hastily (fearing) that they will grow up. And whoever is rich then he should refrain, and whoever is poor then let him eat (of it) in a fair manner. Then when you deliver to them their wealth then take witnesses on them. And is sufficient Allah (as) a Reckoner.

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