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ع ى ش
General Root Meaning
to live in a certain manner, pass ones' life, possessed of life, seek sustenance. ishatun - livelihood, time for seeking livelihood. ma'ishatun - existence, manner of living, rituals, necessities of life, means of life and subsistence, means of obtaining that whereby one lives.
   ʿīshatin   (1)

So he (will be) in a life pleasant,

Then he (will be) in a life, pleasant.

   maʿāshan   (1)

And We made the day (for) livelihood,

   maʿāyisha   (2)

And certainly We established you in the earth and We made for you in it livelihood. Little (is) what you (are) grateful.

And We have made for you therein means of living and whom you are not for him providers.

   maʿīshatan   (1)

And whoever turns away from My remembrance, then indeed, for him (is) a life straitened and We will gather him (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection blind."

   maʿīshatahā   (1)

And how many We have destroyed of a town which exulted, (in) its means of livelihood. And these (are) their dwellings not have been inhabited from after them except a little. And indeed, [We] We (are) the inheritors.

   maʿīshatahum   (1)

Do they distribute (the) Mercy (of) your Lord? We [We] distribute among them their livelihood in the life (of) the world, and We raise some of them above others (in) degrees so that may take, some of them, others, (for) service. But (the) Mercy (of) your Lord (is) better than what they accumulate.

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