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ع و ن
General Root Meaning
to be of middle age. yu'inu (vb. 4) - to aid/assist/help. ta'awana (vb. 4) - to help one another. ista'ana (vb. 10) - to implore for help, seek aid, turn and call for assistance. musta'an - one whose help is to be implored.
A'aana (prf. 3rd. m. sing. vb. IV): helped.
A'iinuu (prt. m. pl. vb. IV): help ye one another.
Ta'aawanuu (prt. m. pl. vb. IV): to help one another.
Nasta'iinuu (imp. 1st. pl. vb. VI): we implore for help.
Ista'iinuu (prt. m. pl. vb. 10): you seek help.
Must'aiinu (pis. pic. m. sing. vb. 10): one whose help is saught.
'Awaanun (n.): one of middle age (2:68).