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ع ص ر
General Root Meaning
to press/squeeze/wring, withdraw a thing from. i'sar - whirlwind, violent wind heavy rain, hurricane. mu'sirat - clouds emitting rain, rain clouds. asr - age, time, afternoon, history, succession of ages, evening, century, epoch, time that is measurable, consisting of a succession of periods, in distinction from dahr (Dal-ha-Ra) which signifies unlimited time without beginning or end. asran - night and the day, morning and evening.
   iʿ'ṣārun   (1)

Would like any of you that it be for him a garden, of date-palms and grapevines flowing [from] underneath it the rivers, for him in it of all (kinds) (of) [the] fruits, and strikes him [the] old age and [for] his children (are) weak then falls on it whirlwind, in it (is) fire then it is burnt. Thus makes clear Allah for you (His) Signs so that you may ponder.

   aʿṣiru   (1)

And entered with him (in) the prison two young men. Said one of them, "Indeed, I [I] see myself pressing wine." And said the other, "Indeed, I [I] see myself [I am] carrying over my head bread, (were) eating the birds from it. Inform us of its interpretation; indeed, we [we] see you of the good-doers."

   l-muʿ'ṣirāti   (1)

And We sent down from the rain clouds water pouring abundantly,

   wal-ʿaṣri   (1)

By the time,

   yaʿṣirūna   (1)

Then will come from after that a year in it will be given abundant rain the people and in it they will press."

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