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ع ق ب
General Root Meaning
to succeed, take the place of, come after, strike on the heel, come at the heel, follow anyone closely. aqqaba - to endeavour repeatedly, return, punish, requitt, retrace one's step. aqab - to die, leave offsprings, give in exchange. aqabatun - place hard to ascent. uqbun - success. ta'aqqaba - to take careful information, shout, follow step by step. aqub - heel, son, grandson, offspring, pivot, axis. uqba - requital, result, reward, end, success. iqab (pl. aqubat) - punishment after sin, one who puts off or reverses, who looks at the consequence or result of the affair. mu'aqqibat - who succeed each other, some thing that comes immediately after another thing or succeeds another thing without interruption. It is a double plural feminine of mu'aqqib. The plural feminine form indicates the frequency of the deeds, since in Arabic the feminine form is sometimes employed to impart emphasis and frequency.
Yu'aqqib (imp. 3rd. f. sing. juss. vb. II): Look back.
'Aqaba (prf. 3rd. m. sing. vb. III.): He retaliated.
'Aaqabtum (prf. 2nd. m. sing. vb. II): You punished.
'Aqibuu (prt. m. sing. vb. III.) You punish.
A'qaba (perf. 3rd. m. sing. vb. IV.): Caused to follow.
'Uqiba (pp. 3rd. m. sing. vb. III): He was punished; was made to suffer.
'Uqibtum (3rd. m. plu. vb. II ): You have been persecuted.
A'qaba (prf. 3rd. m. sing. vb. IV): He has punished.
'Uqbun / 'Uqban (acc./n.): Result; Final end.
'Aqibun (n.):Posterior; Heel.
'Aqibai (n. dual): Two heels.
A'qaab (n. plu.): Heels.
Iqaabun (v. n.): Retribution (chastisement) that comes as a result of consequences of sins.
'Aqabatu (n.): Steep and difficult ascent; Mountain road; Road in the upper part of a mountain or a long mountain that lies across the way; Difficult affair and path of duty.
'Uqbaa (n.): Ending. It is with final Yaa, but if added to a pronoun the final Yaa turns to Alif as 'Uqbahaa (here an Alif before Haa).
'Aqibatun (act. pic. f. sing.): End.
Al-Aaqibatu: The happy and good end.
Mu'aqqibun (ap-der. vb. II): Who can reverse.
Mu'aqqibaat (plu.): Those who join their duties in succession; Successively ranged.