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ع ج ل
General Root Meaning
to hasten, make speed, accelerate, be hasty, act hastily, hurry over, do speedily. ajalun - precipitation, haste. ajil - that which hastens away, transitory. ista'jala - to seek or desire to hasten, urge one to make haste in doing anything. ijlun - calf.
'Ajiltu (prf. 1st. sing.): I have hastened.
'Ajiltum (prf. 2nd. plu.): They make haste.
Laa Ta'jal (prt. neg. m. sing.): Thou make no haste.
Li Ta'jala (imp. 2nd. m. sing. el.). In order to make haste.
'Ajjala (prf. 3rd. m. sing. II): He would have hastened.
'Ajjalnaa (prf. 1st. plu. II): We hastened.
'Ajala : Made you depart in such haste (with 'An).
Ta'jjala (prf 3rd. m. sing. V.): He hastened.
Ista'jaltum (prf. 2nd. m. plu. X.): You sought to be hastened.
Yasta'jiluuna (imp. 3rd. m. plu. X.): They seek to expedite.
Tasta'jiluuna (imp. 2nd. m. plu.): You seek to hasten before its (fixed time), seek to expedite.
Laa Tasta'jil (prt. neg. m. sing. X.) : Thou do not seek to hasten.
Laa Tasta'jiluu (prt. neg. plu. X.): You do not seek to hasten.
'Ajil (v. n.): Haste; Hurry up.
'Aajilatun (act. pic. f. sing.): Quick-passing (world); Present (transitory life).
'Ajuulan (acc. ints. n.): Ever hasty.
Isti'jaal (v. n. X.): Hastening.
'Ijlun (n.): Calf.