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ا س ف
General Root Meaning
to be sad, grieved about, afflicted with.
   āsafūnā   (1)

So when they angered Us, We took retribution from them, and We drowned them all.

   asafan   (1)

Then perhaps you would (be) the one who kills yourself over their footsteps, if not they believe in this [the] narration, (in) grief.

   asifan   (2)

Then returned Musa to his people angry (and) sorrowful. He said, "O my people! Did not promise you your Lord a promise good? Then, did seem long to you the promise, or did you desire that descend upon you (the) Anger of your Lord, so you broke (the) promise to me?"

And when returned Musa to his people - angry, and grieved, he said, "Evil is what you have done in my place from after me. Were you impatient (over the) matter (of) your Lord?" And he cast down the tablets and seized by head, his brother dragging him to himself. He said, "O son (of) my mother! Indeed, the people considered me weak and were about to kill me. So (let) not rejoice over me the enemies, and (do) not place me with the people the wrongdoing."

   yāasafā   (1)

And he turned away from them and said, "Alas, my grief over Yusuf!" And became white his eyes from the grief, and he (was) a suppressor.

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