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ا ل ف
General Root Meaning
he kept or clave to it, he frequented it, resorted to it habitually, he became familiar with it or accustomed/habituated, became sociable/companionable/friendly with him, liked/approved/amicable, protect/safeguard, covenant/obligation involving responsibility for safety. to unite or bring together, state of union/alliance/agreement, to cause union or companionship, to collect/connect/join/conjoin. Become a thousand. A certain rounded number that is well known.
iilaaf: Unity; Compact; Alliance; Covenant for the purpose of trade; Obligation involving responsibility for safety and protection; Attachment.
Alaf: Thousand.
Alfaan (oblique Alfain): Two thousand.
Uluuf (plu. aalaaf): Many thousand. Uluuf is plural either of alaf, as is expressed above, meaning thousands or of Alif meaning a congregation or in a state of union.
Mu'allafatun (pis. pic. f. sing. II.): Who are required to be consoled.
Allafa (prf. 3rd. p. m. sing. II): He joined, united.
Yu'allifu (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing.): He unites together.