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98:1  It was not possible for those who lack Faith in Allâh among the ‘People of the Scripture’ (Jews & Christians), and among the ‘Polytheists’, to quit their perversion, until there came to them the conclusive evidence.
98:2  A ‘Messenger’ from Allâh reciting (to them) ‘Purified Scriptures’,
98:3  Which contain valuable writings.
98:4  Those who were given the ‘Scripture’, (Jews & Christians), did not become divided until the knowledge of the truth had come to them.
98:5  Yet they were not commanded except to worship ( & venerate ) Allâh (Alone), to devote themselves to the worship and service of (Almighty) Allâh, to be inclined towards truth, to establish the regular Prayer, and pay Zakāt (i.e. the Prescribed Purifying Alms). Lo! That is the upright system of faith and worship.
98:6  Indeed, those who lack Faith in Allâh, among the people of the ‘Scripture’ (Jews & Christians), and the ‘Polytheists’, will be in the fire of Hell, where they will dwell therein. They are the worst of the creatures.
98:7  Indeed, those who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism and do righteous acts (in this ‘worldly life’) are the best of the creatures.
98:8  Their reward, from their Lord, is ‘Gardens of Eden’ underneath which rivers flow, where they will abide therein. Allâh is so pleased with them and they are with Him. This is for whoever shows honor and reverence for his Lord.