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98:1  Those People of the Book (the Scriptures) who have disbelieved, plus the associators [of others with Allah (God)] will not give up until evidence came to them,
98:2  [through] a messenger from Allah (God) reciting purified pages (3)
98:3  which comprise changeless laws [from Allah (God)].
98:4  Nor did those who were given the Book (the Scriptures) disagree (about it) until after evidence had come to them.
98:5  Yet they have merely been ordered to worship Allah (God) sincerely - [reserving] religion for Him [Alone], as righteous seekers [after Truth] and to keep up prayer and pay the Zakat (welfare tax). That is the religion for an established [community].
98:6  Those People of the Book (the Scriptures) who disbelieve as well as the associators will remain in Hell fire; those are the worst creatures.
98:7  Those who believe and perform honorable deeds are the best creatures;
98:8  their reward from their Lord will be Gardens of Eden through which rivers flow, to live in for ever. Allah (God) is pleased with them while they feel pleased with Him. That is [reserved] for anyone who dreads his Lord. 99. The Earthquake