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98:1  Those who disbelieved from among the People of the Book and the associaters could not break off, until there had come Unto them the evidence
98:2  An apostle from Allah rehearsing Writs cleansed
98:3  Wherein are discourses eternal
98:4  And those who are vouchsafed the Book divided not save after there had come Unto them the evidence
98:5  And they were commanded not but that they should worship Allah, keeping religion pure for him, as upright men, and that they should establish prayer and give the poor-rate, And that is the right religion
98:6  Verily those who disbelieve from among the people of the Book and the associaters shall be cast into the Hell-fire, as abiders therein. These! they are the worst of the creation
98:7  Verily those who believe and work righteous works - these! they are the best of the creation
98:8  Their recompense with their Lord shall be Gardens Everlasting,whereunder rivers flow - as abiders therein for evermore. Well-pleases will be Allah with them and well-pleased will be they with Him, That is for him who feareth his Lord