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98:1  It is inconceivable that those who are denying the Truth, whether they are among the People of the Scripture or the idolaters, could depart from their ways till the Clear Evidence reaches them. (The Qur'an liberates them from the shackles of their man-made dogmas and brings them from darkness to Light (7:157))
98:2  A Messenger of Allah conveying to them the Purified Scrolls. (That are well-scored and well- written on parchment by honored scribes (52:2-3), (80:13-16))
98:3  Wherein are Authoritative Scriptures
98:4  Now the People of the Scripture had divided among themselves even when the Evidence of Truth had already come to them
98:5  And they were commanded no more than to serve Allah, keeping religion pure for Him - turning away from all that is false, as men of reason upright. And to establish the Divine System, and set up the Just Economic Order of Zakat. For, that is the Perfect System of Life
98:6  Verily, those who are bent on denying the Truth, be they among the People of the Scripture or the idol worshipers under any guise, will abide in Hell. They (who see the Truth and then deny it) are the worst of all created beings
98:7  And behold, those who have chosen to be graced with belief, and do works that help others - it is they, they who are the best of all created beings
98:8  Their reward is with their Lord - Gardens of Eden (of perpetual Bliss) underneath which rivers flow - to abide therein forever. Well-pleased is Allah with them and well-pleased are they with Him. All this awaits him who fears his Lord. (Knowing that his Lord's Law of Requital is a rock solid reality, he understands that all actions have their built-in recompense)