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98:1  It is obvious that the followers of the scriptures, as well as the idol worshipers, would not have followed Islam unless a clear proof was sent to them
98:2  This clear proof is Qur’an which its authentic pages is being recited by Mohammad, a messenger of God
98:3  Qur’an contains authentic scriptures (Lord’s laws and orders.
98:4  As a matter of fact, those who received the older scriptures did not dispute about the message when it was revealed to them (it happened later when they started to tamper with the scriptures)
98:5  All was asked from them was to serve God, being sincere to him in obedience, Worship God on regular basis, engage in charitable actions; This is what the true religion is
98:6  Those of old religions (who have seen the clear proof and knowingly have refused it), as well as the idol worshipers, have bought the Hell Fire for themselves and are the worse people
98:7  Those who have believed and engage in good actions, are the best people
98:8  God will reward the latter by sending them to the gardens of Paradise, where the rivers flew beneath it, and they will live there forever. God will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with God. Such is the reward of those who feared God