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98:1  Neither the unbelievers among Ahl AL-Kitab nor the idolaters were going to change their position until they have received clear divine evidence
98:2  Through A Messenger sent by Allah to read to them Scriptures of purity, quality and magnificence
98:3  With divine texts representing Allah's authoritative precepts featuring His words carrying greatest significance
98:4  But Ahl AL-Kitab only became divided after they had received this clear divine evidence
98:5  Yet they have been commanded to worship no one but Allah and Him alone to revere, and to be true exclusively to the Faith and renounce idolatry, to impel themselves to freedom from dissimulation and to be sincere and to observe prayers and pay alms- Such is the religion approved by Allah and its path leads mankind to wisdom and piety, and induces them to discharge the duties naturally owed to Him
98:6  The unbelievers among Ahl AL-Kitab and the idolaters are indeed the eternal dwellers of Hell; they are the worst among Allah's intellectual beings
98:7  But those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety are the best of the intellectual beings
98:8  There awaits them in Allah's realm the abode in the Gardens of Eden beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity, Allah well pleased with them and they with Him; a reward commensurate with the equitable deeds achieved by him who has entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Allah, his Creator