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66:1  Oh prophet, why do you prohibit what Allah has permitted to you, seeking the contentment of your wives, and Allah is forgiving and merciful.
66:2  Allah has already prescribed for you the expiation of your oaths, and Allah is your protector and He is knowing and wise.
66:3  And when the prophet talked in confidence to one of his wives, then when she announced it and Allah disclosed it to him, he made known some of it and withheld some, so when he informed her of it she said: who told you this? He said: the Knowing and Informed has told me.
66:4  If both of you repent to Allah, your hearts will have deviated, and if you support each other against him, then Allah is his protector, and Jibril (Gabriel) and the righteous of the believers, and the angels will support him also.
66:5  If he divorced you, his Lord might replace you with better wives who submit (as Muslims), believe, are humble, repent, serve (Allah), fast, were previously married or are virgins.
66:6  Oh you believers, protect yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is people and stones, guarded over by stern and strong angels who do not disobey Allah in what He commands them and do what they have been commanded.
66:7  Oh you who reject (the truth), don´t make excuses today, for you are rewarded on account of what you did.
66:8  Oh you believers, turn in sincere repentance to Allah, maybe Allah will cancel your bad deeds and enter you into gardens through which rivers flow on the day when Allah will not humiliate the prophet and those who believed with him; their light will race before them and on their right, they will say: our Lord, perfect our light for us and forgive us, for You are able to do anything.
66:9  Oh prophet, fight the rejecters and the pretenders and be tough with them, and their abode is hell, a bad destination.
66:10  Allah coins as similitude for those who reject (the truth) the wife of Nuh (Noah) and the wife of Lut (Lot): they were in the care of two righteous servants of Ours but deceived them, so they did not avail them the least against Allah and they will be told: enter the fire with those who enter.
66:11  And Allah coins as a similitude for those who believe the wife of Pharaoh when she said: my Lord, build me a house with You in the garden and rescue me from Pharaoh and his deeds and rescue me from the wrongdoing people.
66:12  And Maryam (Mary), the daughter of ´Imran, who guarded her chastity, so We blew into her of Our spirit, and she confirmed the words and books of her Lord and was of the humble.