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66:1  O Prophet! Why do you make unlawful what Allah has made lawful to you, seeking pleasure of your wives? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
66:2  Allah does enjoin upon you to deal with your oaths properly. And Allah is your Lordh Supreme, and He is the One Knowledgeable, Wise
66:3  And the Prophet once told something in confidence to one of his wives. She then divulged it [to another wife]. And Allah made this known to him. He [the Prophet] let her know a part of it [what Allah had told him] and he wit eld a part. And no sooner he let her know partially what Allah had told him, she asked, "Who has told you this!?" He replied, "The One, Knowledgeable and Aware of everything, has told me."
66:4  Would that you two [Prophet's wives concerned in this episode] turn to Allah in repentance, for the minds of both of you are so inclined! And if you help each other against him [the Prophet, know that] Allah Himself is his Protector, and [consequently] Gabriel, all the righteous among the believers, and all the other angels will then come to his aid
66:5  Were he [the Prophet] to divorce you, Allah might well give him in your stead spouses better than you — women who surrender themselves to Allah, truly believe in Him, devoutly obey His will, turn to Him in repentance, worship Him alone, and who are dedicated — be they previously married or virgins
66:6  O you who believe! Shield yourselves and your families from Fire that is fuelled by human beings and stones and guarded by Angels awesome and severe. They [the Angels] do not disobey Allah in whatever He commands them, and they do whatever they are ordered to do
66:7  O you who suppress the Truth! Make no excuses today [Resurrection Day]. You are only being recompensed [this Day] for what you had been doing [in the world]
66:8  O you who believe! Turn to Allah in sincere repentance. It may well be that your Lord will efface from you your bad deeds, and will admit you into gardens underneath which rivers flow on a Day on which Allah will not put the Prophet, and those who believe with him, to any shame. Their light will run ahead of them, and on their right. They will pray, "O our Lord! Make this light of ours shine for us forever, and forgive us our sins. YOU do indeed have power over all things!"
66:9  O Prophet! Wage a struggle against [any bad influence or deed from] the suppressors of the Truth and the hypocrites, and deal strictly with them. And [if they do not repent,] their abode shall be Hell — and how vile a journey's end
66:10  For those who suppress the Truth, Allah gives examples of the wives of Noah and Lot. They were under two of Our righteous subjects, and each betrayed her respective husband. And so, neither [of the two husbands] would be of any avail to the two women when they would be told [on Judgment Day], "Enter the Fire with all the other entrants therein!"
66:11  And for those who believe, Allah gives example of Pharaoh's wife as she prayed, "My Lord! Build for me a mansion close to you in the Paradise. And save me from Pharaoh and his deeds, and save me from all evil people!"
66:12  And Mary, daughter of Imran! She guarded her chastity, and We breathed into it of Our spirit. And she was testimony to the truth of her Lord's words and His Books. And she was one of those totally devoted to Allah