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66:1  O you Prophet: Why forbid what Allah has made lawful to you for the sake of giving satisfaction to your wives? Allah is Ghafurun (forgiving) and Rahimun (Merciful)
66:2  Allah has ordained for you the path to tread in cases when it is mandatory to make atonement in expiation of your oaths. Allah is your Creator and your tutelary guardian; He is AL-Alim (the Omniscient) and AL-Hakim (the Wise)
66:3  And for once did the Prophet speak in confidence to one of his wives but she breached the confidence and played the informer and disclosed to another wife what he -the Prophet- wished to be kept secret, and Allah made that known to him Then when, the prophet, told his wife that he knew that she betrayed his confidence and repeated to her a part of what she said and ignored a part, she exclaimed ; "Who told you this?" he said : "it was made known to me by AL-Alim and AL-Khabir (the fully Cognizant of all things)"
66:4  "If both of you change your minds with regard to past action and conduct and feel contrition and keep Allah in mind, then you have indeed opened your hearts' ears". " And if you challenge him and his wisdom then you must know that Allah, is his tutelary protector and so are the Spirit Gibril (Gabriel) and the pious among the believers, and moreover the angels support him and form his back"
66:5  "If he should divorce you all, Allah may replace you with better wives who would help him accomplish his goal; wives who are submissive with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds with wisdom and piety, who feel contrition and in lowliest plight repentant stand, who are devoted to divine worship and service, they exercise their minds in thought and contemplation, conducive to meditation, wives who may have been previously married or virgins
66:6  O you Whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is people and stones, guarded by angels who are hard hearted to the infidels and mighty, potent and strong. They never disobey a command given by Allah and they carry out every action they are enjoined to do alt along
66:7  "Make no excuses on this very Day. It serves you right, you are being requited for the deeds of inequity and the wrong actions you had done"
66:8  O you Whose hearts: reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: "In your lowliest plight stand repentant, and feel contrition for all the wrong you have done and view it with dissatisfaction and be sure you will never execute it or the like of it ever again. Perhaps Allah will relent and quit you all His debt and welcome you into gardens of surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow". "This is the day Allah shall exclude the Prophet and his companions, who faithfully and steadfastly believed, from infamy, humiliation and disgrace. Their faces glow with light emanating from Allah's countenance and proceeding ahead of them to illuminate the way for them when they contemplate the most difficult and inevitable crossing. Carrying their books bearing their records in their right hands, they pray: "Our Creator complement our light and forgive us; You are Qadirun (Omnipotent over all things)"
66:9  O you Prophet: strive hard against the infidels and the hypocrites; be unwavering and resolute, hard hearted and obdurate in your course of action. Their abode is Hell, they were born to it, and how evil is the destination
66:10  Allah cites an example of those who live with false standards in an ads' atmosphere of piety: the wife of Nuh (Noah) and that of Lut (Lot). They were the two mates who lived their wifehood under two of Our devout worshippers, but they proved false to the trust and to those who trusted them, and so their husbands could not save them from the fatal consequence requited by Allah, and it was said to them: "Take up your abode in Hell with those so destined"
66:11  And Allah cites an example of those who live in an atmosphere of wickedness but with divine standards: Pharaoh's wife who invoked Allah: "My Creator", she said, "I pray and beseech You to provide me with a dwelling in your heaven's realm and to rescue me from Pharaoh and his tyranny and oppression and from those who do not observe the principles of justice and fair dealing"
66:12  Also Maryam (Mary) the daughter of 'lmran who guarded herself from being supposed, and maintained the flower of faith and chastity. We sent to her Our Messenger, the Spirit Jibril (Gabril), to breathe life into her and animate a soul in her womb. she submitted to Allah's Authority and His ordinance, and she was one of those devoted to divine worship and service