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65:1  O Prophet, when you divorce women, divorce them at their prescribed periods, and calculate their waiting period. Be conscious of God, your Lord. Don’t expel them from their homes, nor should they leave, unless they have committed a clearly immoral conduct. These are the limits set by God. Whoever oversteps God’s limits wrongs his soul. You never know; perhaps God will bring about a new situation after that.
65:2  When they have reached their term, either retain them kindly or separate from them amicably. Call upon two trustworthy witnesses from among you, and establish truthful testimony for God. This counsels whoever believes in God and the Last Day. Whoever fears God, He will make a way out for him.
65:3  He will provide for him from where he doesn’t anticipate. Whoever puts his trust in God—He will be enough for him. God will accomplish His purpose. God has set a measure for all things.
65:4  As for those of your women who have passed menopause, if you are in doubt, their waiting period is three months, as is for those who haven’t yet menstruated. As for those who are pregnant, their term lasts until they have given birth. Whoever fears God: He will make his affairs easy.
65:5  This is God’s commandment, which He revealed to you. Whoever fears God, He will erase his sins and magnify his reward.
65:6  Provide them residence where you reside, according to your means, and don’t harass them to make their lives difficult. If they’re pregnant, provide for them until they give birth. If they nurse for you, compensate them and maintain a cordial relationship. If you disagree, then another woman may nurse for him.
65:7  The wealthy should spend according to his means, and the one with limited resources should spend from what God gave him. God doesn’t burden a soul beyond what He has given it. God will bring about ease after hardship.
65:8  Many cities rebelled against the command of their Lord and His messengers, so We held them strictly accountable and severely punished them.
65:9  Thus, they tasted the outcome of their deeds, and the result of their deeds was loss.
65:10  God has prepared for them a severe punishment. So beware of God, O people of understanding who have believed. God has sent down to you a Reminder.
65:11  A messenger who delivers God’s clear verses to you, to guide those who believe and do righteous deeds out of darkness into light. Whoever believes in God and acts righteously, He will admit him into Gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever. God has prepared for him an excellent provision.
65:12  It is God who created seven heavens and, like them, of the earth. The command descends among them, so you may know that God has power over all things and that God encompasses all things in knowledge.