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65:1  O Prophet! when ye divorce women, divorce them before their waitrng-period; and count the waiting period; and fear Allah, your Lord. Drive them not out of their houses, nor should they go forth, unless they commit a manifest indecency. These are the bounds of Allah; and whosoever trespasseth the bounds of Allah, hath surely wronged himself. Thou knowest not, that haply Allah may hereafter bring something new to pass
65:2  Then when they have attained their term, either retain them reputably, or part from them reputably, and take as witnesses two just men from among you, and set up your testimony for Allah. Thus is exhorted he who believeth in Allah and the Last Day. And whosoever feareth Allah He maketh for him an outlet
65:3  And He provideth for him from whence he reckoneth not upon. And whosoever putteth his trust in Allah He will suffice him. Verily Allah is sure to attain His purpose, and Allah hath appointed Unto everything a measure
65:4  And as to such of your women as have despaired of menstruation, if ye be in doubt thereof, their waiting period is three months, as also of those who have not yet menstruated. And as to those with burthens, their term is when they lay down their burthen. And whosoever feareth Allah, He maketh his affair Unto him easy
65:5  That is the commandment of Allah which He hath sent down Unto you. And whosoever feareth Allah, He Will expiate his misdeeds from him, and will magnify for him his hire
65:6  Lodge them wheresoever ye lodge yourselves; according to your means; and hurt them not so as to straiten them. And if they are with burthen, expend on them until they lay down their burthen. Then, if they suckle their children for you, give them their hire, and take counsel together reputably. And if ye make hardship for one another, then another woman will suckle for him
65:7  Let the man of means expend according to his means; and whosoever is stinted in his subsistence let him expend of that which Allah hath given him. Allah tasketh not a soul except according to that which He hath vouchsafed it. Anon Allah will appoint after hardship ease
65:8  And how many a city trespassed the commandment of its Lord and His apostles! Wherefore We reckoned with them a stern reckoning, and We tormented them With a torment unheard of
65:9  Wherefore they tasted the evil consequence of their affair, and the end of their affair was loss
65:10  Allah hath gotten ready for them a grievous torment; so fear Allah, O men of understanding! those who have believed. Surely He hath sent down Unto you an admonition
65:11  An apostle reciting Unto you the revelations of Allah as evidences, that he may bring forth those who believe and work righteous works from darknesses into light. And whosoever believeth in Allah and worketh righteously, him He will cause to enter Gardens whereunder rivers flow, as abiders for evermore. Surely Allah hath made for him an excellent provision
65:12  Allah it is Who hath created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof; the commandment cometh down between them, that ye may know that Allah is over everything Potent, and that Allah! He encompasseth everything in knowledge