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65:1  O Prophet ! when you divorce women, divorce them for the prescribed period, and thereafter reckon the period; and fear ALLAH, your Lord. Turn them not out of their houses, nor should they themselves leave unless they commit manifest indecency. These are the limits set by ALLAH; and whoso transgresses the limits of ALLAH, he, indeed, wrongs his own soul. Thou knowest not; it may be that thereafter ALLAH will bring something new to pass
65:2  Then, when they are about to reach the limit of their prescribed term, retain them with kindness, or part with them in a suitable manner, and call to witness two just persons from among you; and bear true witness for ALLAH. Thus is admonished he who believes in ALLAH and the Last Day. And he who fears ALLAH - HE will make for him a way out
65:3  And will provide for him from whence he expects not. And he who puts his trust in ALLAH - HE is sufficient for him. Verily, ALLAH will accomplish HIS purpose. For everything has ALLAH appointed a measure
65:4  And if you are in doubt as to the prescribed period for such of your women as have despaired of monthly courses, then know that the prescribed period for them is three months, and also for such as do not have their monthly courses yet. And as for those who are with child, their period shall be until they are delivered of their burden. And whoso fears ALLAH, HE will provide facilities for him in his affair
65:5  That is the command of ALLAH which HE has sent down to you. And whoso fears ALLAH - HE will remove the evil effects of his deeds and will enlarge his reward
65:6  Lodge the divorced women during the prescribed period in the houses wherein you dwell, according to your means, and harass them not that you may create hardships for them and thus force them to leave. And if they be with child, spend on them until they are delivered of their burden. And if they give suck to the child for you, give them their due recompense, to be fixed in consultation with one another according to what is customary; but if you meet with difficulty from each other, then let another women suckle the child for the father
65:7  Let him who has abundance of means spend out of his abundance. And let him whose means of subsistence are straitened spend out of what ALLAH has given him. ALLAH burdens not any soul beyond that which HE has bestowed upon it. ALLAH will soon bring about ease after hardship
65:8  How many a city rebelled against the command of its Lord and HIS Messengers, and WE called it to severe account and punished it with dire punishment
65:9  So it tasted the evil consequences of its conduct, and the end of its affair was ruin
65:10  ALLAH has prepared for them a severe punishment; so fear ALLAH, O ye men of understanding who have believed. ALLAH has, indeed, sent down to you a Reminder
65:11  A Messenger, who recites unto you the clear Signs of ALLAH, that HE may bring those who believe and do good deeds out of every kind of darkness into light. And whoso believes in ALLAH and does righteous deeds - HE will make him enter Gardens, through which streams flow, to abide therein for ever. ALLAH has, indeed, made excellent provision for him
65:12  ALLAH is HE who created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof. The Divine command comes down in their midst, that you may know that ALLAH has power over all things, and that ALLAH encompasses all things in HIS knowledge