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101:1  The Disastrous Rattling (of this life as seen in warfare is sure to visit the world)
101:2  How very terrible is the Disastrous Rattling
101:3  What should make you know how very severe and destructive the Disastrous Rattling is
101:4  On that day people shall be (in great confusion and distress) like moths scattered
101:5  And the mountains shall look like carded wool
101:6  Now as for the person whose scales (of virtues) are heavy (and good deeds are preponderant)
101:7  He shall have a pleasant life
101:8  But as for the person whose scales (of good deeds) are light (and of no account)
101:9  The abyss (- Gehenna) shall then be a (nursing) mother to him (till the souls are completely cleansed of the taint of sin and they are reborn)
101:10  Ah! what should make you know what that (abyss) is
101:11  It is a blazing Fire (for burning out all the dross that people collect by leading a sinful life in this world)