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1:1  With the name of Allah - the Bestower of unlimited mercy, the continuously merciful
1:2  Al-Hamd (Selective Praise) suits Allah (Alone): Rabb (Nourisher-Sustainer) to the worlds
1:3  Ar-Rahman (the Bestower of unlimited mercy), Ar-Rahim (the continuously Merciful)
1:4  Maalik (Ruler and the Only Supreme Judge) of Youm-ud-Deen (The Day of Accountability, Judgement and Decision)
1:5  Iyyaka (You Alone) we shall obey, and You Alone we shall invoke for assistance
1:6  Guide us (on to) As-Sirat-al-Mustaqima (The permanent and eternal Path) —
1:7  Sirat (Path) allazina (of those) an'amta (You bestowed reward and blessings) alaihim (upon them); Ghair (not) al-maghzoob (those having violent anger or wrath) alaihim (over them), wa (and) la (not) az-zawllin (the losers of the Path)