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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Baiyinah (The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof(al-Baiyinah)
98:1 Those who disbelieved from the Book's people and the sharers/takers of partners (with God) were not broken to pieces/separated until the evidence comes to them
98:2 A messenger from God, he reads/recites/follows purified/cleaned written pages (scriptures)
98:3 In it (are) straight/valuable Books
98:4 And those who were given/brought the Book did not separate except from after what came to them (from) the evidence
98:5 And they were not ordered/commanded except to worship God faithful/loyal/devoted to Him (in) the religion (as) submitters/Unifiers of God , and they keep up the prayers, and they give/bring the charity/purification , and that (is) the straight/valuable religion
98:6 That truly those who disbelieved from the Book's people and the sharers/takers of partners (with God are) in Hell's fire immortally/eternally in it, those, they are the creation's worst
98:7 That truly those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, those, they are the creation's best
98:8 Their reimbursement (is) at their Lord, treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, immortally/eternally in it (for) ever (E), God accepted/approved on them, and they accepted/approved on Him, that (is) to who feared his Lord


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