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al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by Amatul Rahman Omar
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Amatul Rahman Omar rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 I call to witness the night when it spreads (its) veil
92:2 And the day when it becomes bright
92:3 And all the males and the females that He created
92:4 (That) diverse are the ends you strive to achieve
92:5 Then as for the person who devotes (all his resources and capacities in the cause of God), gives (to others) and guards against evil
92:6 And declares his faith in all that is best and right
92:7 We will, then, invariably provide for him every facility (for doing good)
92:8 But as for him who is niggardly (and cripples his capacities) and is (disdainfully) indifferent (to God and the Hereafter)
92:9 And belies all that is best
92:10 We will, then, of course make easy for him (the downhill path to) a state of distress
92:11 And his wealth shall not avail him when he dies
92:12 It is for Us to provide guidance
92:13 And to Us belong (all the blessings of) both, the next world and the present
92:14 (Mankind!) now I have warned you of a flaming Fire
92:15 None shall enter it but the wretched (sinner)
92:16 Who belies (the Truth) and turns (his) back (on it)
92:17 But the one who guards against evil and keeps his duty (to God and others), shall most carefully be kept away from it (- the Fire)
92:18 A person who spends his wealth (seeking) to purify himself
92:19 And not because he is under an obligation to anyone which (- obligation) has to be repaid
92:20 But (he spends) only to seek the pleasure of his Lord, the Most High
92:21 Surely, He will be well-pleased (with such a one)


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