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al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by M. Farook Malik
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Farook Malik rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 By the night, when it covers with darkness
92:2 and by the day, when it spreads its brightness
92:3 By Him who created the male and the female
92:4 surely your efforts are directed towards various ends
92:5 So for him who gives in charity, fears Alla
92:6 and testifies to goodness
92:7 We shall facilitate for him the easy way
92:8 As for him who is a stingy and considers himself independent of Alla
92:9 and rejects the goodness
92:10 We shall facilitate for him the hard way
92:11 Just think! What benefit will he get from his wealth, if he himself is doomed
92:12 Surely it is for Us to give guidance
92:13 and surely to Us belong the end and the beginning
92:14 Therefore, I warn you of the blazing fire
92:15 in which none shall burn except the wretche
92:16 who deny the truth and give no heed
92:17 But the pious shall be kept away from it
92:18 the one who spends in charity for self-purification
92:19 not seeking any favor from anyone for which a reward is expected in return
92:20 except seeking the good pleasure of his Lord, the Most High
92:21 Such persons shall soon be well-pleased with Allah


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