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ash-Shams (The Sun)
as rendered by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar
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Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar rendition of Surah The Sun(ash-Shams)
91:1 By the sun and its forenoon
91:2 and by the moon when it related to it
91:3 and by the daytime when it displayed it
91:4 and by the nighttime when it overcomes it
91:5 and by the heaven and what built it
91:6 and by the earth and what widened it
91:7 and by the soul and what shaped it
91:8 and, then, inspired it to its acting immorally and God-consciousness,
91:9 he who made it pure prospered.
91:10 Surely, is frustrated whoever seduced it.
91:11 Thamud denied because of their overboldness.
91:12 When the disappointed among them were aroused,
91:13 and the Messenger of God said to them: Allow watering to the she-camel of God.
91:14 Then, they denied him; then, they crippled her. So their Lord doomed them for their impiety.
91:15 Then, He leveled them. And He fears not its Ultimate End.


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