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ash-Shams (The Sun)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah The Sun(ash-Shams)
91:1 Witness is the Sun and its radiant splendor
91:2 And the Moon that borrows its light
91:3 Witness is the day as it brightens the world
91:4 And the night that cloaks it
91:5 And the sky and its wondrous design
91:6 And the earth and its vast expanse
91:7 Consider the human 'Self, and how it is capable for being balanced out
91:8 And how it is instilled with the capacity to disintegrate or become secure
91:9 Successful indeed is he who grows the 'Self'
91:10 And failure is indeed he who keeps it buried (under ignorance and superstition)
91:11 (Disregarding this principle) Thamud rejected (Saleh) while playing God. ('Tagha' = Being 'Taghut' = Becoming a false god = Playing God = Transgressing = Rebelling = Crossing bounds of decency = Extreme arrogance)
91:12 Behold, the most forward among them was picked up for defiance
91:13 Although Allah's Messenger had told them, "It is a she-camel belonging to Allah, so let her drink!" (The land belongs to Allah, and this she-camel represents the weak among you (7:73), (26:155))
91:14 But they denied him and they killed her. Their Lord then doomed them all alike for their lagging behind in compliance
91:15 For none of them had any fear of what might befall them


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