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al-Balad (The City, This Countryside)
as rendered by Ahmed Hulusi
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Ahmed Hulusi rendition of Surah The City, This Countryside(al-Balad)
90:1 I swear by this city (the world in which I live)...
90:2 That you are free of restriction herein!
90:3 And (I swear) by the One who gives birth (to man) and that which is born of him,
90:4 We have certainly created man in stages of difficulty!
90:5 Does he now think that none can overpower him?
90:6 He says, “I have spent much wealth.”
90:7 Does he think nobody can see him?
90:8 Did We not form two eyes for him?
90:9 A tongue and two lips...
90:10 And showed him the two ways (of falsity and Truth)!
90:11 But he did not have (the courage) to climb that steep hill!
90:12 Do you know what that steep hill is?
90:13 It is to liberate from slavery (to free consciousness from its enslavement to the body)!
90:14 Or to feed another while hungry!
90:15 (To feed) an orphan of near relation.
90:16 Or to feed the impoverished one who is in distress.
90:17 And then to be of those who believe and advise patience and mercy to one another.
90:18 These are the people of the right (the fortunate ones).
90:19 But those who deny Our signs, they are the people of the left (the unfortunate ones).
90:20 They are enclosed and trapped in Fire!


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