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al-Balad (The City, This Countryside)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The City, This Countryside(al-Balad)
90:1 I (God) swear by this very city of Mecca
90:2 That you (Mohammad) are not responsible for what the citizens of Mecca are doing
90:3 You (Mohammad) are not responsible for the behavior of neither the parents nor the sons of anyone
90:4 It is true that man has been created with a psychological trait…
90:5 … that he thinks that he is the most powerful one and that no one can overpower him
90:6 He proudly brags about how much money he has spent upon his vices [gambling, sex, bribes, etc.]
90:7 Does not he realize that God is watching
90:8 Does man not realize that it is I (God) who have given him a pair of eyes [to see the right and the wrong], a tongue [to tell the truth or to lie] and&hellip
90:9 …. two lips [ to let the tongue witness the truth or to hide the truth]
90:10 Does man not realize that I (God) have clearly indicated to him that there are two paths in life to pave
90:11 What a shame that man does not chose the path which is going upward to Heaven
90:12 If you want to know.
90:13 …. what type of actions will put the man in the right path,…
90:14 … the answer is very easy: Freeing a slave [in any form and shape] and…
90:15 …. feeding a hungry person (no matter if he is an orphan whom you know or&hellip
90:16 a stranger which is stricken by poverty)
90:17 The one who engages in the type of actions which pleases God deserves to be led to the straight path. Such a person will be rewarded with belief and will invite his fellow believer to be patient when they are overpowered and to be merciful when they have the upper hand
90:18 Such people will be gathered on the right hand side of the God [on the Day of Judgment] to be taken to the Heaven
90:19 As for those who deny the invitation of God to pave the right path, they will be gathered on the left hand side&hellip
90:20 …of the God [on the Day of Judgment] to be taken to the Hell where they will be engulfed by the Fire


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