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al-Fajr (The Dawn, Daybreak)
as rendered by Ali Quli Qara'i
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Ali Quli Qara'i rendition of Surah The Dawn, Daybreak(al-Fajr)
89:1 By the Dawn
89:2 by the ten nights
89:3 by the Even and the Odd
89:4 by the night when it departs
89:5 Is there an oath in that for one possessing intellect
89:6 Have you not regarded how your Lord dealt with [the people of] ‘a€d
89:7 [and] Iram, [the city] of the pillars
89:8 the like of which was not created among cities
89:9 and [the people of] Thamud, who hollowed out the rocks in the valley
89:10 and Pharaoh, the impaler
89:11 —those who rebelled [against Allah] in their citie
89:12 and caused much corruption in them
89:13 so your Lord poured on them lashes of punishment
89:14 Indeed your Lord is in ambush
89:15 As for man, whenever his Lord tests him and grants him honour and blesses him, he says, ‘My Lord has honoured me.&rsquo
89:16 But when He tests him and tightens for him his provision, he says, ‘My Lord has humiliated me.&rsquo
89:17 No indeed! Rather you do not honour the orphan
89:18 and do not urge the feeding of the needy
89:19 and you eat the inheritance rapaciously
89:20 and you love wealth with much fondness
89:21 No indeed! When the earth is levelled to a plain
89:22 and your Lord and the angels arrive in ranks
89:23 the day when hell is brought [near], on that day man will take admonition but what will the admonition avail him
89:24 He will say, ‘Alas, had I sent ahead for my life!&rsquo
89:25 On that day none shall punish as He punishes
89:26 and none shall bind as He binds
89:27 ‘O soul at peace
89:28 Return to your Lord, pleased, pleasing
89:29 Then enter among My servants
89:30 And enter My paradise!&rsquo


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