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al-Fajr (The Dawn, Daybreak)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Dawn, Daybreak(al-Fajr)
89:1 By the dawn,
89:2 by the ten holy nights,
89:3 by the even and the odd numbers,
89:4 and by the night as it slips away!
89:5 Isn’t there a convincing oath for an intelligent person?
89:6 Haven’t you considered how your Lord dealt with the people of Ad;
89:7 of Iram with its lofty pillars,
89:8 the likes of which haven’t existed in other lands;
89:9 and the people of Thamud who carved homes out of rocks in the valley;
89:10 and the Pharaoh, his temples with massive columns?
89:11 Those who transgressed in the lands,
89:12 who brought about havoc throughout them –
89:13 Your Lord let loose a scourge of suffering against them.
89:14 Your Lord is ever watchful
89:15 The mortal man, when His Lord tests him with honour and blessings says, “My Lord has honoured me.”
89:16 However, when He tests him by lessening his provision he says, “My Lord has shamed me.
89:17 On the contrary, it is you Makkans who don’t honour orphans,
89:18 and don’t urge others to feed the needy,
89:19 while you consume the whole of the orphans’ inheritance
89:20 with your insatiable love of wealth
89:21 So, how will you fare when the Earth is ground to dust,
89:22 and Your Lord’s command comes, and the angels stand in rows upon rows.
89:23 That Day Hell will be brought close, people will then remember. But how will remembering benefit them now?
89:24 They will say, “If only We had something to show for our lives!”
89:25 Then on that Day, He will punish as no one will ever punish,
89:26 and He will chain them as no one will ever chain
89:27 Allah will say: O happy soul!
89:28 Return to Your Lord cheerfully and loved;
89:29 now join the company of My servants
89:30 and come into My Paradise


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