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Dr. Kamal Omar

al-Fajr (The Dawn, Daybreak)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Dawn, Daybreak(al-Fajr)
89:1 Al-Fajr (the break of dawn) acts as a witness
89:2 and (also) the night, ten (in number)
89:3 and the even (number), and the odd (number)
89:4 and the (retreating) night when it departs
89:5 Is in (all) this an evidence or testimony for a possessor of wisdom
89:6 Have you not seen how your Nourisher-Sustainer dealt with ‘Ad (people) —
89:7 (of the capital-city of) Iram, possessing lofty high-rise buildings
89:8 such as their like are not constructed (any where) in the cities
89:9 and (with) Samud (people), those who hewed and cut rocks in the valley
89:10 and (with) Firaun, famous by the pyramids
89:11 those people who transgressed beyond limits throughout the cities
89:12 and they tremendously increased in those (cities) Al-Fasad
89:13 So your Nourisher-Sustainer let fall over them the whip of punishment
89:14 Surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer is indeed (ever) in Al-Mirsad
89:15 As for the human being: when his Nourisher-Sustainer put him to trial and tribulation, and He bestowed upon him honour and bestowed upon him luxuries — then he will say: 'My Rabb has given me honour.
89:16 And so, when, whatever He put him to test and trial: so He bestowed over him his provision just according to bare needs — then he will say: 'My Rabb has humiliated (and disgraced) me.
89:17 By no means! Nay, you (on your side) do not treat Al-Yatim with kindness and generosity
89:18 and urge not for (providing) food to the indigent
89:19 and you devour inheritance — a devouring, absolute and excessive
89:20 and you love the wealth with intense love
89:21 By no means (it is going to benefit you)! When the (planet) earth is broken up to a (complete) breahead of state up, an (extensive) break-up
89:22 And has come your Nourisher-Sustainer, and (also) the angels in rows, (regular) rows
89:23 And the Hell is brought (very near) that Day. That Day the human being brings to mind the Message (of Allah). And how Az-Zikrah (‘The Admonition’,) benefits him (at such a stage)
89:24 He will say: “Alas! Would that I had sent in advance (righteous deeds) for my life (in the new world)!
89:25 So on that Day — does not give punishment, similar to His punishment, any one
89:26 And does not seize, similar to His seizure, any one
89:27 (It will be announced to the Believing, practical Muslims): “O you Nafs in complete satisfaction and serenity
89:28 Come back to your Nourisher-Sustainer — well-pleased (by yourself, and) well-pleasing (unto Allah)
89:29 So (now) enter among My Ibad
89:30 and enter you My Paradise!”


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