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al-Mutaffifin (Defrauding, The Defrauders, The Cheats, Cheating)
as rendered by Bilal Muhammad 2018
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A.L. Bilal Muhammad et al (2018) rendition of Surah Defrauding, The Defrauders, The Cheats, Cheating(al-Mutaffifin)
83:1 Shame on those who are unethical
83:2 Those who, when they have to receive an amount from others, demand the full amount
83:3 But when they have to give an amount to others, give less than owed
83:4 Do they not think that they will be called to account
83:5 On a mighty day
83:6 A day when all of humanity will stand before the Lord of all the worlds
83:7 No, surely the record of the corrupt is in sijjin
83:8 And what will explain to you what sijjin is
83:9 It is a register inscribed
83:10 Woe that day, to those who deny it
83:11 Those who deny the Day of Accountability
83:12 And none deny it but every transgressor beyond bounds, those who are corrupt
83:13 When Our signs are rehearsed to him, he says, “Tales of the ancients.
83:14 By no means, but on their hearts is the stain of that which they do
83:15 Indeed, from their Lord that day, they will be veiled
83:16 Further, they will enter the fire of hell
83:17 Further, it will be said to them, “This is that which you rejected as false
83:18 No, indeed the record of the righteous is in illiyin
83:19 And what will explain to you what illiyin is
83:20 It is a register inscribed
83:21 To which those nearest bear witness
83:22 Truly the righteous will be in bliss
83:23 From on thrones, they observe
83:24 You will recognize in their faces the beaming brightness of bliss
83:25 Their thirst will be quenched with natural juice, sealed
83:26 The seal of it will be musk, and for this let those aspire who have aspirations
83:27 With it will be a mixture of tasnim
83:28 A spring, from which those nearest to God will drink
83:29 Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed
83:30 And whenever they passed by them, they used to wink at each other
83:31 And when they returned to their people, they would return joking
83:32 And whenever they saw them, they would say, “Behold, these are indeed people astray.
83:33 But they had not been sent as keepers over them
83:34 But on this day, the believers will laugh at the unbelievers
83:35 On thrones they will observe
83:36 Will the unbelievers not have been paid back for what they did


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