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Mir Aneesuddin

al-Mutaffifin (Defrauding, The Defrauders, The Cheats, Cheating)
as rendered by Mir Aneesuddin
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Mir Aneesuddin rendition of Surah Defrauding, The Defrauders, The Cheats, Cheating(al-Mutaffifin)
83:1 Sorrowful is the state of those who measure and weigh less than what is due,
83:2 those who, when they take by measure from other people, they take in full,
83:3 but when they measure or weigh for others, they make it less than what is due.
83:4 Do they not expect that they will be raised (after their death),
83:5 for a great day,
83:6 the day mankind will stand before the Fosterer of the worlds?
83:7 No, certainly the record of (deeds) of the transgressors will be in Sijjin.
83:8 And what will make you realize what Sijjin is?
83:9 (It is a) written record.
83:10 Sorrowful will be the state on that day, of the deniers,
83:11 who deny the day of judgment.
83:12 And no one denies it except every exceeder of limits, a sinner.
83:13 When Our signs are read to him, he says, “Ancient stories.”
83:14 No, but that which they have earned is rust on their hearts.
83:15 No, on that day they will certainly be curtained from their Fosterer,
83:16 then they will certainly enter the hell,
83:17 then it will be said, “This is that which you made a denial of.”
83:18 No, certainly the record of (deeds of) the righteous will be in Illiyin,
83:19 and what will make you realize what Illiyun is ?
83:20 (It is a) written record.
83:21 Those who are brought near will witness it.
83:22 The righteous will certainly be in bliss.
83:23 They will be seeing (reclining) on couches.
83:24 You will recognize in their faces, radiance of bliss.
83:25 They will be given to drink from a pure drink, sealed.
83:26 The seal of which is of musk. So let those who wish to put in conscious effort, put in a conscious effort for that.
83:27 And it is admixed with Tasniim,
83:28 a spring from which those who are brought near will drink.
83:29 The criminals certainly used to laugh at those who believed,
83:30 and when they passed by them they used to wink at one another.
83:31 And when they returned to their class of people, they returned joyful in false pride.
83:32 And when they saw them they said, “These are certainly the persons who are astray,”
83:33 though they were not sent as custodians over them.
83:34 So this day, those who had believed will laugh at the infidels.
83:35 They will be seeing (reclining) on couches.
83:36 Will not the infidels be rewarded according to what they used to do?


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