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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Infitar (The Cleaving, The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Cleaving, The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart(al-Infitar)
82:1 When/if the sky/space split/cracked/cleaved
82:2 And when/if the stars/planets scattered/spread
82:3 And when/if the seas/oceans burst/over flowed
82:4 And when/if the graves/burial places are scattered/over thrown
82:5 A self knew what it advanced/preceded and delayed
82:6 You, you the human/mankind, what has deceived/tempted you with (from) your Lord, the honoured/generous
82:7 Who created you, so He straightened you, so He balanced/adjusted you
82:8 In any shape/picture what He willed/intended He assembled/composed you
82:9 No but, rather you lie/deny/falsify with the religion
82:10 And that truly (We are) on you protectors/observers (E)
82:11 Honoured/generous , writing/ordering
82:12 They (the angels) know what you make/do
82:13 That truly the righteous/charitable (are) in (E) blessing/goodness
82:14 And that truly the debauchers/corrupters (are) in (E) Hell
82:15 They roast/suffer (from) it (in) the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day
82:16 And they are not from it with (being) absent/hidden
82:17 And what made you know/informed you what (is) the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day
82:18 Then what made you know/informed you what the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day (is)
82:19 A day/time a self does not own/possess to a self a thing, and the matter/affair/order/command (on) that day (is) to God


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