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at-Takwir (The Overthrowing, The Cessation)
as rendered by Umm Muhammad (Sahih International)
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Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) rendition of Surah The Overthrowing, The Cessation(at-Takwir)
81:1 When the sun is wrapped up [in darkness]
81:2 And when the stars fall, dispersing
81:3 And when the mountains are remove
81:4 And when full-term she-camels are neglecte
81:5 And when the wild beasts are gathere
81:6 And when the seas are filled with flam
81:7 And when the souls are paire
81:8 And when the girl [who was] buried alive is aske
81:9 For what sin she was kille
81:10 And when the pages are made publi
81:11 And when the sky is stripped awa
81:12 And when Hellfire is set ablaz
81:13 And when Paradise is brought near
81:14 A soul will [then] know what it has brought [with it]
81:15 So I swear by the retreating stars
81:16 Those that run [their courses] and disappear
81:17 And by the night as it closes i
81:18 And by the dawn when it breathe
81:19 [That] indeed, the Qur'an is a word [conveyed by] a noble messenge
81:20 [Who is] possessed of power and with the Owner of the Throne, secure [in position]
81:21 Obeyed there [in the heavens] and trustworthy
81:22 And your companion is not [at all] mad
81:23 And he has already seen Gabriel in the clear horizon
81:24 And Muhammad is not a withholder of [knowledge of] the unseen
81:25 And the Qur'an is not the word of a devil, expelled [from the heavens]
81:26 So where are you going
81:27 It is not except a reminder to the world
81:28 For whoever wills among you to take a right course
81:29 And you do not will except that Allah wills - Lord of the worlds


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