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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 The prophet frowned, and turned aside
80:2 because the blind man came unto him
80:3 And how dost thou know whether he shall peradventure be cleansed from his sins
80:4 or whether he shall be admonished, and the admonition shall profit him
80:5 The man who is wealthy
80:6 thou receivest respectfully
80:7 whereas it is not to be charged on thee, that he is not cleansed
80:8 But him who cometh unto thee earnestly seeking his salvation
80:9 and who feareth God
80:10 dost thou neglect
80:11 By no means shouldest thou act thus
80:12 Verily the Koran is an admonition; -- and he who is willing retaineth the same; -
80:13 written in volumes honourable
80:14 exalted, and pure
80:15 by the hands of scribes honoured
80:16 and just
80:17 May man be cursed! What hath seduced him to infidelity
80:18 Of what thing doth God create him
80:19 Of a drop of seed doth He create him; and He formeth him with proportion
80:20 and then facilitateth his passage out of the womb
80:21 Afterwards He causeth him to die, and layeth him in the grave
80:22 hereafter, when it shall please Him, He shall raise him to life
80:23 Assuredly. He hath not hitherto fully performed what God hath commanded him
80:24 Let man consider his food; in what manner it is provided
80:25 We pour down water by showers
80:26 afterwards We cleave the earth in clefts
80:27 and We cause corn to spring forth therein
80:28 and grapes, and clover
80:29 and the olive, and the palm
80:30 and gardens planted thick with trees
80:31 and fruits, and grass
80:32 for the use of yourselves and of your cattle
80:33 When the stunning sound of the trumpet shall be heard
80:34 on that day shall a man fly from his brother
80:35 and his mother, and his father
80:36 and his wife, and his children
80:37 Every man of them, on that day, shall have business of his own sufficient to employ his thoughts
80:38 On that day the faces of some shall be bright
80:39 laughing, and joyful
80:40 And upon the faces of others, on that day, shall there be dust
80:41 darkness shall cover them
80:42 These are the unbelievers, the wicked


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