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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Edward Henry Palmer
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Edward Henry Palmer rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He frowned and turned his back
80:2 for that there came to him a blind man
80:3 But what should make thee know whether haply he may be purified
80:4 or may be mindful and the reminder profit him
80:5 But as for him who is wealthy
80:6 thou dost attend to him
80:7 and thou dost not care that he is not purified
80:8 but as for him who comes to thee earnestl
80:9 fearing the while
80:10 from him thou art diverted
80:11 Nay! verily, it is a memorial
80:12 and whoso pleases will remember it
80:13 In honoured page
80:14 exalted, purified
80:15 in the hands o
80:16 noble, righteous scribes
80:17 May man be killed! how ungrateful he is
80:18 Of what did He create him
80:19 Of a clot. He created him and fated him
80:20 then the path He did make easy for him
80:21 then He killed him, and laid him in the tomb
80:22 then when He pleases will He raise him up again
80:23 Nay, he has not fulfilled his bidding
80:24 But let man look unto his foods
80:25 Verily, we have poured the water out in torrents
80:26 then we have cleft the earth asunder
80:27 and made to grow therefrom the grain
80:28 and the grape, and the hay
80:29 and the olive, and the palm
80:30 and gardens closely planted
80:31 and fruits, and grass,
80:32 a provision for you and for your cattle
80:33 But when the stunning noise shall come
80:34 on the day when man shall flee from his brothe
80:35 and his mother and his fathe
80:36 and his spouse and his sons
80:37 Every man among them on that day shall have a business to employ him
80:38 Faces on that day shall be bright,
80:39 laughing, joyous
80:40 and faces shall have dust upon them,
80:41 darkness shall cover them
80:42 those are the wicked misbelievers


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