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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by Maududi
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Maududi rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 By those (angels) that pluck out the soul from depths
79:2 and gently take it away
79:3 and by those that speedily glide along (the cosmos)
79:4 and vie with the others (in carrying out their Lord´s behests)
79:5 and then manage the affairs of the Universe (according to their Lord´s commands)
79:6 The Day when the quaking will cause a violent convulsion
79:7 and will be followed by another quaking
79:8 On that Day some hearts shall tremble (with fright)
79:9 and their eyes shall be downcast with dread
79:10 They say: "Shall we indeed be restored to life
79:11 even after we have been reduced to bones, hollow and rotten?"
79:12 They say: "That will then be a return with a great loss!"
79:13 Surely they will need no more than a single stern blast
79:14 and lo, they will all be in the open plain
79:15 Has Moses´ story reached you
79:16 When his Lord called him in the sacred valley of Tuwa
79:17 and directed him: "Go to Pharaoh, he has rebelled
79:18 and say to him: ´Are you willing to be purified
79:19 that I may direct you to your Lord and then you hold Him in awe?´"
79:20 Then Moses (went to Pharaoh and) showed him the Great Sign
79:21 but he denied it as false and disobeyed
79:22 and then he turned back to have recourse to his craftiness
79:23 and gathered his people and declared
79:24 "I am the supreme lord of you all."
79:25 Thereupon Allah seized him for the chastisement of the World to Come as well as of the present
79:26 Surely there is a great lesson in it for whoever would fear (Allah)
79:27 Is it harder to create you or the heaven? But Allah built it
79:28 and raised its vault high and proportioned it
79:29 and covered its night with darkness and brought forth from it its day
79:30 and thereafter spread out the earth
79:31 and brought out of it its water and its pasture
79:32 and firmly fixed in it mountains
79:33 all this as provision for you and your cattle
79:34 But when the great calamity will come abou
79:35 on the Day when man will recall all his strivings
79:36 and Hell will be brought in sight for anyone to see
79:37 then he who transgresse
79:38 and preferred the life of this world
79:39 most surely his abode shall be Hell
79:40 But he who feared to stand before his Lord, and restrained himself from evil desires
79:41 most surely his abode shall be Paradise
79:42 They ask you about the Hour: "When will it be?"
79:43 What concern do you have to speak about that
79:44 Its knowledge rests with your Lord
79:45 You are only a warner to him who has a fear of it
79:46 On the Day they see it, they will feel as though they had stayed (in the grave) no more than one evening or one morning


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