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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 By the angels who drag forth vehemently
79:2 By the angels who release with gentle release
79:3 By the angels who glide swimmingiy
79:4 And then they speed with foremost speed
79:5 And then they manage the affair
79:6 A Day shall come whereon the quaking will quake
79:7 And there will follow it the next blast
79:8 Hearts on that Day will be throbbing
79:9 Their looks will be downcast
79:10 They say: shall we indeed be restored to the first state
79:11 When we have become bones decayed
79:12 They say: that then shall be a losing return
79:13 It will be only one scaring shout
79:14 And lo! they all shall appear on the surface
79:15 Hath there come Unto thee the story of Musa
79:16 Recall what time his Lord called Unto him in the holy vale of Tuwa
79:17 Saying:'go thou Unto Fir'awn; verily he hath waxen exorbitant
79:18 Then say thou: 'wouldst thou to be purified
79:19 Then shall guide thee Unto thy Lord so that thou shalt fear
79:20 Then he shewed him the great sign
79:21 Yet he belied and disobeyed
79:22 Then he turned back striving
79:23 Then he gathered and cried aloud
79:24 And he said: I am Your Lord, most high
79:25 Wherefore Allah laid hold of him with the punishment of the Hereafter and of the present
79:26 Verily herein is lesson for him who feareth
79:27 Are ye harder to create or the heaven which He hath builded
79:28 He hath raised the height thereof and perfected it
79:29 And He made dark its night, and brought forth its sunshine
79:30 And the earth!- thereafter He stretched it out
79:31 And he brought forth therefrom its water, and its pasture
79:32 And the mountains! - He established them firm
79:33 A provision for you and your cattle
79:34 Then when the Grand Calamity shall com
79:35 The Day whereon man shall rember whatsoever he had striven for
79:36 And the Scorch will be made apparent to any one who beholdeth
79:37 Then as for him who waxed exorbitant
79:38 And who chose the life of the world
79:39 Verily the Scorch! that shall be his resort
79:40 And as for him who dreaded standing before his Lord, and restrained his soul from lust
79:41 Verily the Garden! -that shall be his resort
79:42 They question thee of the Hour:'when will its arrival be
79:43 Wherein art thou concerred with the declaration thereof
79:44 Unto thy Lord is the Knowledge of the limit fixed therefor
79:45 Thou art but a warner Unto him who feareth
79:46 On the Day whereon they behold it, it will appear to them as though they had not tarried save an evening or the morn thereof


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