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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 And (by) the pluckers drowning, (i.e., Angels plucking the disbelievers)
79:2 And (by) the brisk (angels acting) briskly
79:3 And (by) the swimmers swimming (serenely), (Or: gliding; horses racing; celestial bodies racing)
79:4 Then (by) the outstrippers outstripping (smoothly)
79:5 Then (by) the directors (conducting) according to His Command
79:6 On the Day when the (first) commotion commoves
79:7 Followed by the subsequent (commotion)
79:8 Hearts upon that Day will be agitated
79:9 Their beholdings (i.e., eyesights) will be submissive
79:10 They will say, "will we surely be turned back to our former state? (Some interpret the Arabic to mean "in the grave" or "gravediggers")
79:11 Even when we are decayed bones?"
79:12 They will say, "Lo, that then would be a losing recurrence!"
79:13 Yet, surely it shall be only one scaring (Cry)
79:14 Then, only then, are they wakeful (for Judgment) (i.e. for Hell or watchful place)
79:15 Has there come up to you the discourse of Musu (Moses)
79:16 As his Lord called out to him in the supremely holy valley, Tuwa
79:17 "Go to Firaawn; (Pharaoh) surely he has grown tyrannical (Or: inordinate)
79:18 So say (to him), Would you (be ready) to cleanse yourself
79:19 And that I should guide you to your Lord, then you will be apprehensive of (Him)?"
79:20 So he (Moses) showed him (Pharaoh) the greatest sign
79:21 Yet he (Pharaoh) cried lies and disobeyed
79:22 Thereafter he withdrew in a (hasty) endeavor
79:23 So he mustered and called out
79:24 Then he said, "I am your lord, most exalted!"
79:25 Then Allah took him (away) with the torture of the Hereafter and the First (life)
79:26 Surely in that is indeed a lesson for him who is apprehensive
79:27 Are you harder in creation than the heaven? He built it
79:28 He raised up its vault, then He molded it
79:29 And He bedimmed its night and brought out its forenoon
79:30 And the earth, after that He flattened it (for life)
79:31 There from He brought out its water, and its pasture
79:32 And the mountains He made steady, (i.e., made them anchorages)
79:33 An enjoyment for you and your cattle
79:34 So when the Greatest Catastrophe comes
79:35 On the Day when man will remind himself (of) whatever he has endeavored (to achieve)
79:36 And Hell-Fire is brought forth for whoever sees
79:37 Then, as for him who was inordinate
79:38 And preferred the present life, (Literally: lowly life, i.e., the life of this world)
79:39 Then surely Hell-Fire will be the (only) abode
79:40 And as for him who feared the station of his Lord (i.e., punishment from his lord) and forbade the self (its) prejudices
79:41 Then surely the Garden will be the (only) abode
79:42 They ask you about the Hour: when will it have its berthing? (Literally: anchorage; i.e., when will it be)
79:43 Wherein are you (concerned) with the Reminding of it
79:44 To your Lord is the ultimate (knowledge) of it
79:45 Surely you are only the warner of him who is apprehensive of it
79:46 It will be as if, on the Day they see it, they have not lingered except for a nightfall or its forenoon


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