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an-Nazi`at (Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out)
as rendered by Hamid S. Aziz
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Hamid S. Aziz rendition of Surah Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those Who Pulled Out(an-Nazi`at)
79:1 I swear by (or call to witness) those who tear out to destruction
79:2 And by those rushing
79:3 And by those who float
79:4 Then press forward as in a race
79:5 And those who regulate affairs
79:6 The day on which the first trump resounds (or that which can quake shall quake)
79:7 And others follow it
79:8 Hearts on that day shall palpitate
79:9 While eyes are cast down
79:10 They say, "Shall we indeed be restored to our first state
79:11 "What! When we are rotten bones?"
79:12 They said, "That then would be a return, causing loss."
79:13 But it shall be only a single cry
79:14 When lo! They will be fully awake
79:15 Has not there come to you the story of Moses
79:16 When his Lord called upon him in the holy valley of Tuwa
79:17 (Saying,) "Go to Pharaoh, surely he has transgressed beyond bounds."
79:18 Then say, "Have you a desire to purify yourself
79:19 "And I will guide you to your Lord so that you may fear."
79:20 So he showed him the Mighty Sign
79:21 But he (Pharaoh) rejected it and disobeyed
79:22 Then turned he away (from Allah) in haste
79:23 Then he gathered (men) and made a proclamation
79:24 Saying, "I am your Lord, the most high."
79:25 So Allah seized him with the punishment of the Hereafter and the former life
79:26 Most surely there is in this a lesson to him who fears
79:27 Are you the harder to create or the heaven? He created it
79:28 He raised high its height, and gave it order and perfection
79:29 And He made dark its night and its splendour does He bring out with light
79:30 And after that He expanded (spread) the earth
79:31 He brought forth from it its water and its pasturage
79:32 And the mountains, He made them firm
79:33 A provision for you and for your cattle
79:34 But when the great overwhelming calamity comes
79:35 The Day on which man shall recollect all he strove after
79:36 And Hell shall be made manifest to him who see
79:37 Then for him who has transgressed all bounds
79:38 And prefers the life of this world
79:39 Surely, Hell will be his abode
79:40 And as for him who had feared standing in the presence of his Lord and restrains his soul from lust (or low desires)
79:41 Then surely the Garden, that is his abode
79:42 They ask you (Muhammad) about the Hour, when it will come
79:43 "What," ask they, "have you to say about it?"
79:44 To your Lord belongs the knowledge of it
79:45 you are only a Warner to him who would fear it
79:46 On the day that they behold it, it will be as though they had not tarried but an evening or the morning


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