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an-Naba` (The Tidings, The Announcement)
as rendered by T.B.Irving
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T.B.Irving rendition of Surah The Tidings, The Announcement(an-Naba`)
78:1 What are they questioning one another about?
78:2 About an important announcement
78:3 which they are disagreeing over.
78:4 However they soon will know!
78:5 Then indeed they shall know!
78:6 Have We not laid the earth out as a cradle
78:7 and [set] the mountains up as kingpins?
78:8 We have created you in pairs
78:9 and granted your sleeping for repose
78:10 and granted night as a garment,
78:11 and granted daytime for [you to earn your] living in.
78:12 We have built seven firmaments above you
78:13 and set a blazing lamp there.
78:14 We send down water in torrents wrung from rainclouds
78:15 so We may produce grain and plants with it,
78:16 as well as luxuriant gardens.
78:17 The day for Sorting has been appointed,
78:18 the day when the Trumpet shall be blown so you will come in droves,
78:19 and the sky will open up as if it had gates,
78:20 and the mountains will travel along as if they were a mirage.
78:21 Hell will lurk in ambush
78:22 to receive home the arrogant,
78:23 who will linger there for ages.
78:24 They will taste nothing cool in it nor any drink
78:25 except hot bathwater and slops,
78:26 [which are such] a fitting compensation
78:27 since they have never expected [to meet with] any reckoning
78:28 and have wittingly rejected Our signs.
78:29 Everything have We calculated in writing:
78:30 "So taste! Yet We shall only increase torment for you!"
78:31 The heedful will have their scene of triumph
78:32 with parks and vineyards,
78:33 as well as buxom maidens their own age
78:34 and a brimming The cup.
78:35 They will hear no idle talk nor any lying [gossip] there,
78:36 as a compensation from your Lord, a calculated gift.
78:37 Lord of Heaven and Earth as well as whatever is in between them, [He is] the Mercy-giving! They control no means of addressing Him;
78:38 on the day when the Spirit and the angels will stand there in ranks, only someone the Mercy-giving grants permission to shall speak, and he will speak straight to the point.
78:39 That day will seem too real! Anyone who wishes to, may adopt his recourse to [reach] the Lord.
78:40 We have warned you (all) how punishment lies close-at-hand, on a day when any man will see whatever his own hands have sent on ahead, and the disbeliever will say: "If I were only dust!"


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